PAY MAXX Mobile App

Maxximize Payload, Maxximize Profit!

PAY MAXX is a tool designed to calculate your articulated truck’s current load and Maxximum load.

If these are different the truck has potential to carry more payload and earn more revenue.

PAYMAXX will calculate a new coupling position and potential revenue gain in your selected currency.

Download PAY MAXX today and see if your truck could earn an extra 20-50x the purchase price in additional revenue per trip!


About Us

PAYload MAXXimizer is a simple and easy-to-use app, designed to calculate the optimal coupling position to maximize the truck’s carrying capacity. Trucks in an articulated semi-trailer truck combination are fitted with a 5th wheel coupling device and by knowing the correct coupling position, you can run a truck to its highest potential and maximize it productivity and efficiency.

Powerful Features

PAYload MAXXimizer is a much-needed, wonderfully designed app, loaded with the following features

A Global App

You can select your country along with currency and PAYload MAXXimizer will fetch you results accordingly.

Instant result

In no time, you will find a new coupling position that will MAXXimize your your payload and MAXXimize your profits!

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Super Simple

Complexity free, the app is amazingly easy to use. Just fill in some basic details and you are done!

Accurate Calculation

PAYload MAXXimizer has been designed with precision and offers results that are super accurate.

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