About Us

PAYload MAXXimizer is a simple and easy-to-use app, designed to calculate the optimal coupling position to maximize the truck’s carrying capacity. Trucks in an articulated semi-trailer truck combination are fitted with a 5th wheel coupling device and by knowing the correct coupling position, you can run a truck to its highest potential and maximize it productivity and efficiency.

The app is beneficial for truck owners, transport and logistics operators, mechanics and vehicle design/setup specialists as it allows them to know in minutes how much their lorry, prime mover or tractor is capable of carrying and how much income gain they will get, once they couple their trucks with the semi-trailers based on its recommendation.
Primarily, PAYload MAXXimizer optimizes coupling position for:

1. Nominal Fuel Load
In this case, the users gets to know the coupling position for a truck, typically running on a full fuel load. Once you fill in the details like drive tare, steer tare, truck wheelbase, freight rate, etc., you will get a recommended coupling position. The app will also tell you the expected income gain you will make if you switch to the recommended position.

2. Varying Fuel Load
The option to optimize for varying fuel load is important as trucks do not always run on maximum fuel capacity. If the distance between the pickup and drop-off is such that your truck can made do with just 50% of the actual fuel fill volume, then why not add more payload? PAYload MAXXimizer allows you to calculate coupling positions were the truck to operate on ¼, ½ and even ¾ fuel volume.

The PAYload MAXXimizer calculation uses operator inputs including truck dimensions, weight information and weight targets which are easily collected with a measuring tape and weigh bridge.
Use PAYload MAXXimizer, Increase Your Truck Payload & Boost Your Income!