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Increasing Payload Capacity of a Truck Through PAY MAXX App

Posted on May 06,2019

With the advancement in technology, today, you can also maximize a truck’s carrying capacity with the help of an app. If you are surprised to hear this, you should continue reading this post and understand how our revolutionary app will change the way people traditionally set a truck’s 5th wheel coupling position. PAY MAXX is an easy-to-use app which quickly, easily and accurately calculates the optimal coupling position to maximize an articulated truck’s carrying capacity.

PAY MAXX is a wonderful tool which can be used to calculate an articulated truck’s present load and maximum load. If there is a difference, a truck could carry additional payload and earn you more revenue. PAY MAXX can easily calculate a new coupling position and expected revenue increase in your chosen currency. Download today to MAXXimize your Payload and MAXXimize your profits!

The PAYload MAXXimizer Advantage

PAY MAXX app is very useful for truck owners, fleet controllers, mechanics and people in transport and logistics. Using the app, you can instantly calculate how much a truck can carry and how much they can earn per trip. You just re-set the truck’s coupling based on the app’s recommendation. PAY MAXX has the power to calculate the optimal coupling position for trucks with nominal fuel loads as well as varying fuel loads. For a nominal fuel load, you simply fill the truck to your desired fuel level and collect the required info for the – current coupling position, steer tare, drive tare, target axle weight, freight rate, etc. PAY MAXX will calculate the optimal coupling position based on these inputs as well as the expected revenue increase from the coupling position change. Giving you the potential to earn this additional revenue each and every trip!

If your truck has significantly more fuel volume than required for day to day operations, PAY MAXX’s – Optimize for a varying fuel load – is for you. You just need to weight the truck with a minimal amount of fuel on board, fill in some additional inputs and PAY MAXX calculates the optimal coupling positions for ¼, ½ or ¾ fuel fill; further MAXXimizing you Payload and Profits!

All inputs are basic and can be collected with the help of a measuring tape and weighbridge.

Features that Stands Out

PAY MAXX comes with some wonderful features. It’s precise, caters to all manner of articulated trucks, it’s extremely easy to use and completes its calculation in an instant!

Download PAY MAXX today and see if your truck could earn an extra 20-50x the purchase price in additional revenue per trip!

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